7 benefits of radon systems installed through the attic

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7 benefits of radon systems installed through the attic


Radon Mitigation Systems can be installed through the exterior of the house or hidden within attic. Both methods are effective to reduce radon gas levels in homes. Exterior installed radon systems are most common across the United States but there are several benefits to the attic installation.

Radon System Attic

Seven benefits of radon systems installed the the attic:

  1. Hidden radon system components. Rather than having the fan and vent pipes installed on the side of the house, the only visible exterior component is the vent stack rising through the roof similar to an existing plumbing stack.
  2. Radon fans are better protected from the elements. Radon systems create condensation within the suction and exhaust pipes. In cold environments, this condensation can freeze and effect the life of the radon vent fan. Radon fans inside attic spaces are better protected from the freeze and thaw cycle.
  3. Radon fans and electrical components are out of reach. When installed through the attic space, the radon fan and its electrical components are located within the attic. This location is more innaccessible to children who may turn the fan off or play with the system components.
  4. Quieter radon systems. Although radon systems installed through the exterior are quiet, installing the fan inside attic space can prevent all noticable system noise.
  5. System performance indication. Most attic installations are routed through the garage. This method allows the installer to place the system performance gauge right in the garage. Every time you enter your garage you can make certain that your radon system is on and pulling vacuum.
  6. Radon in real-estate. Many people with radon systems are concerned about the effect of the resale value of their home. A radon system installed through the attic is more appealing to potential buyers as it is not a noticable component on the outside of the house.
  7. Radon reintrainment. Having the vent stack opening above the roof of the house makes it possible for the radon contractor to get the radon system exhaust further away from doors, windows and other openings. This will minimize the possibility of radon re-entry into the home.

Special Note: Radon mitigation systems installed through the exterior have stood the test of time and will prevent the flow of radon gas. If your home does not have a location available to install the system through the attic, an exterior radon system will effectively reduce radon gas levels.

When choosing the type of radon mitigation system for your house, consider the option of installing the system through the attic space.



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