We at RadoVent have the experience necessary to overcome any radon gas problem. We have installed thousands of radon mitigation systems around the nation in homes, apartments and commercial buildings. We stand above the rest in quality and customer satisfaction. Our certified radon technicians are the best at what they do. We truly care about our customers health and the value of their homes and buildings.

  • Radon problems in Residential Homes
  • Radon in Real-Estate Transactions
  • Radon in Federal & State Owned Properties
  • RRNC Projects & Developers
  • Passive radon mitigation
  • Commercial Businesses & Properties
  • VOC Mitigation Projects and Vapor Intrusion


  • Call 1-888-698-VENT (8368)
  • A friendly RadoVent® radon specialist will answer your call or email. We will answer all of your questions and perform a "radon diagnostic survey."
  • Our radon team will match your survey with the optimal radon mitigation system and generate a quote or dispatch one of our experienced estimators to provide an on-site radon mitigation quote.
  • Within an hour or two, you will receive (fax or email) our “Iron Clad” Price & Performance Proposal and a follow-up call/email to schedule the installation with one of our radon mitigation professionals.
  • On the day of the scheduled installation, a pre-screened/certified radon installation professional will arrive on time and install your proprietary radon reduction system.

Following installation you will perform a radon test to confirm that our radon mitigation system has reduced the levels of radon gas to level s below the EPA action level. We recommend to test for radon gas at least every two years. If radon test result come back above our warranty, we will make necessary adjustments and modifications to the system free of charge until the radon gas levels have been adequately reduced below our written guarantee.

Above and beyond typically radon mitigation service

We believe that radon mitigation is a service. We believe that it's more than installing a system of pipes and a radon fan. We provide a radon mitigation service that values the client's need for a system that they can depend on to reduce radon levels. We care about our clients homes by installing clean, good looking radon mitigation systems that will blend in with the look of the home. We care about our clients schedules by showing up on time and fulfilling our scheduled appointment. We train every radon system installer so that our clients can be certain that the technician has the experience necessary to design the best radon mitigation system. We back our system designs with our performance warranty or phased scope of work. We strive to provide the very best radon mitigation service available.

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