What is RadoVent all about?

RadoVent is all about raising the standard in the radon mitigation industry. This company was started by hard working, blue collar technicians who thought they could make a change for better quality radon mitigation systems and services. The founders started this company on a shoestring budget in a down economy. From a small garage nearly ten years ago, a flip phone and an old work van, RadoVent has grown to become a successful multi-state radon mitigation company. Our care when it comes to the installation of radon systems is superior to the norm. We take the time to install a system that will reduce radon levels, long-term. We don't install a simple "pipe and fan" radon system. Each system is designed with the intention to get the radon levels as low as reasonably achievable. From standard single family residences to complex, multi-slab foundations; RadoVent designs systems to best depressurize the soil under the foundation which results in lower radon levels. In a highly unregulated industry, RadoVent chooses to certify our lead technicians through the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians, National Radon Proficiency Program ( AARST-NRPP.) Our technicians have been trained to do the job right. We raise the standard of aesthetics in radon system designs while others choose not to. We understand that your home is important to you and that you should have a radon mitigation system that not only performs but looks good! We paint exterior radon systems to blend in with the look of the home. We offer customized radon system designs that route through internal walls, chases or garages and vent through the roof so that all components can be hidden from exterior view.

If you want to have a radon mitigation system that you can trust to keep radon levels low, Choose RadoVent.

If you demand only skilled, background checked and caring technicians work in your home and around your family, Choose Radovent.

If you care about how the radon mitigation system will look after it's installed on your home, Choose RadoVent.

Ultimately, if you want a company who cares more about reducing radon than increasing profit margins, Choose RadoVent. 


RadoVent is the industry leader in quality radon mitigation services. We're upfront and honest with our process and unmatched in the level of service we provide.  RadoVent is a company you can trust and depend on. Our network of technicians are pre-screened prior to employment and we have an unblemished record of successful installations. RadoVent® lead technicians are certified by the AARST- National Radon Proficiency Program, or state specific radon license classifications and we carry over $2,000,000 in professional liability insurance to protect your family and most valuable investment.

Types of RadoVent® Radon Mitigation Systems


  • Results Guaranteed in Writing
  • LIFETIME Transferable Radon System  Performance Warranty on most.
  • Low prices & On-Line Discounts
  • High-Quality Materials & Services
  • Friendly, Pre-Screened Technicians
  • 100% Post-Install Cleanup
  • Exterior Radon Mitigation System Blends w/House & Trim Color
  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Certified
  • Confirmatory radon test kits provided with service
  • Certified technicians from the National Radon proficiency Program  

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RADOVENT® Locations and Service Area

The radon technicians at RADOVENT® have installed thousands of radon mitigation systems throughout the country. Radon systems installed in residential homes, apartment buildings and for the US government. We have three office locations radon mitigation Utahradon mitigation Illinois and radon mitigation Colorado. If we do not service your area, we would be glad to connect you with a reputable radon mitigation contractor through our National network. Our passion is to help people reduce radon gas exposure, we want your radon mitigation system to be installed to the highest degree of quality and performance.

UTAH RADON MITIGATION | RadoVent LLC | 801-285-9255

ILLINOIS RADON MITIGATION | RadoVent Illinois LLC | 847-637-0297

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