Attic Installed Radon Mitigation Systems

Attic installed radon mitigation systems offer the benefit of hidden system components while protecting the radon fan from the elements. In retrofit situations the attic installed system is usually installed through a garage with the radon vent fan in the garage attic. These radon systems consist of several components:

  1. The radon suction pipes are installed in the basement or crawlspace and enter the soil below it. Radon gas and other soil gas is drawn into the suction pipes from the soil.
  2. The suction pipe continues up the foundation wall and penetrated the rim joist to enter into the garage. The suction pipe continues vertically up the garage wall ant penetrates the ceiling above.
  3. Above the garage, in the attic space the radon vent fan is installed on the suction pipes.
  4. From the radon vent fan, the radon exhaust pipe continues through the roof of the home where a water-tight roof boot is installed.

Some homes do not have attic space above the garage. In these homes, we can route the radon suction pipes through chases or closets to access the attic space above the home.

Attic Radon System Video

RadoVent™ Attic Systems Outperform

Attic Radon System

The RadoVent™ attic installed radon mitigation is the highest quality radon system in the industry. Our superior knowledge of construction and radon abatement allows us to conceal your radon mitigation system within the interior of your home. This system design allows you to have the hidden protection of the RadoVent™ radon system.

This is our favorite way to install radon mitigation systems.

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