If you are looking for a higher quality radon mitigation system, you have come to the right place. We at RadoVent have installed thousands of radon mitigation systems of a higher quality for more than ten years. We truly care about installing a radon mitigation system that you can rely on for years to come. 

Colorado radon mitigation company.

  • Colorado radon problems can easily be solved with our experience. 
  • Our priority is the customer and not the number of systems we install per year.
  • We honor our written radon reduction warranty. If you need service, you can reach us.
  • We don't hide behind the phone. We provide free on-site system design and estimates.
  • Local Colorado radon techs, certified and background checked. You can feel safe.
  • We have 100% success in solving radon problems for our customers.
  • We often fix the work of other radon mitigation companies with our superior services.




  1. Learn more about radon gas and its dangers in Colorado
  2. Order a radon test kit to check the levels in your home.
  3. Get your test results and understand your level of radon safety.
  4. If your radon test results are low, remember to retest in the winter and every two years.
  5. If your radon levels are elevated, contact us for a free radon mitigation plan.
  6. After review your home's custom, radon mitigation plan; schedule an appointment for install. 
  7. Most installs are completed the same day. All installs are performed by certified technicians.
  8. Once your RadoVent system is activated it begins to prevent radon entry in your home.
  9. After 24 hours, radon measurements can take place.
  10. When your test comes back showing the radon levels are acceptable, take a deep breath of relief.