Exterior Installed Radon Mitigation Systems

When installed by us, they look so much better.

When you have a radon system installed as an exterior system by us, we take the time to make it look as nice as possible. The most important feature of a radon mitigation system is its performance. It is also important to most homeowners that it is discrete and clean. We understand the importance of doing the job right. 

  • Installed using 3x4" aluminum downspout or 4" schedule 40 PVC.
  • They vent at an elevation above the eave to safely exhaust the radon gas.
  • Custom painted to match the colors of your home.

Radon mitigation systems installed outside the home

The most common method of installing radon systems across the country is an exterior system. Some companies call this a "basic" system. With us, you don't get basic; you get a system that is above and beyond the industry standard. Most companies install a quick and easy system that using plain white PVC pipe with the fan attached using contrasting, black couplings. We have been painting our systems to match the house for more than ten years. The painted system helps camouflage the system from view. The paint lasts and offers a more finished look. When we install the exterior system, we begin with the suction point inside the homes' basement, crawlspace or slab on grade. From the suction point location(s) the pipe is routed out the rim joist or foundation to the outside. Whenever possible, we try to install in a location behind bushes or an offset in the house. We know that you don't want the radon mitigation system to be the first thing people notice when pulling up to your home. From the exit point, we attach our painted radon fan using painted couplings. The fan exhaust runs out the vent stack that we install using 3"x4" aluminum downspout or 4" painted PVC. The vent stack exhaust point must be installed higher than the eave, and more than two feet higher than windows that are closer than ten feet away. The radon gas. must be able to vent out and away from your home so that it doesn't re-enter.

Painted radon systems look much nicer on custom homes in Colorado.