Exterior Installed Radon mitigation systems

Most radon mitigation systems are installed through the exterior of the home. These systems are active soil depressurization systems powered by a radon vent fan. These systems consist of several components:

  1. The radon suction pipes are installed in the basement or crawlspace and enter the soil below it. These suction pipes are the point where the radon gas is collected from the soil under the home or building and pulled into the radon mitigation system.
  2. The suction pipes continue up the foundation wall and through the rim joist to the exterior of the building.
  3. A radon specific centrifugal exhaust fan is installed on the suction pipe to create a negative pressure within the system.
  4. From the exhaust of the radon fan, a vent stack is installed to vent the radon gas to an elevation above the eave of the home or building.

Exterior Radon System Video

RadoVent™ Radon Systems Look Better


The RadoVent™ exterior installed radon mitigation system is painted to match the exterior of your home or building. This is above and beyond the typical radon system that uses pvc pipes on the exterior that usually contrast with the color of the exterior. The RadoVent™ radon system is by far the best looking radon removal system in the industry.


Five reasons why RadoVent installs the best exterior radon mitigation systems

  1. WE PAINT OUR SYSTEMS. We take the time to paint the components to match your house. This helps hide the system on your home.
  2. WE LOOK FOR HIDDEN LOCATIONS. Often times we can hide our radon system behind offsets or landscaping to help conceal it from view.
  3. WE GIVE YOU THE CHOICE. You can have the exterior vent stack installed with more quiet PVC pipe or with better looking 3"x4" aluminum downspout.
  4. WE SEAL THE EXTERIOR PARTS. This is often overlooked by others when installing radon systems. At RadoVent we seal the seams in the vent stack to prevent radon from leaking out.
  5. WE CARE. Our installers are taught to care about a job well done. We want to install systems that we are proud of.