Garage attic radon mitigation systems

A great way to hide your radon system and protect its components!

When available, the garage attic is a great way to have radon system installed. Whether your garage has all attic above or partial attic, the radon system can often be routed into these spaces. As long as the attic is ventilated, a radon fan can be hidden inside it and the exhaust point can route through the roof. There are several reasons why this is our favorite way to install a radon mitigation system.

Reasons why garage attics are great for radon mitigation systems:

  1. The system is hidden from exterior view. 
  2. The system noise is reduced because the fan away from bedrooms and outdoor areas.
  3. The garage is usually more of a utility area.
  4. The vent above the roof is further away from windows.
  5. The radon system gauge can be mounted in the garage to allow for easy reading.
  6. The fan is better protected from the weather and sun.


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