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Nearly half of the homes in Illinois have elevated levels of radon gas. Our radon mitigation systems will reduce radon levels in your home, guaranteed.  The RadoVent® Radon Mitigation System is a permanent ventilation system that pulls the radon gas out of the soil and vents it to a safe elevation above your roof line. We care about what we do, our job is to install radon mitigation systems that you can depend on.

We have the experience to fix any radon problem in Illinois homes. We have fixed thousands of them over since 2008. We regularly receive awards for our outstanding customer service and professionalism in the industry. Every technician is licensed by the State of Illinois for Radon Mitigation. 


  • Residential Radon Mitigation in the Chicago Area

  • Commercial Radon and VOC mitigation in Illinois and Nationally

  • Remediation for multifamily apartments and buildings. 

  • Crawlspaceencapsulation

  • Foundation Crack Injection for leaky basements in Chicago area. 

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