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Radon services during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by Travis Jewell on Fri, Apr 03, 2020 @ 08:45 AM


First, we at RadoVent Radon Mitigation would like to begin by saying that our deepest sympathies go out to those who are losing loved ones, jobs and businesses during this coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. ❤️


Just a few weeks before this writing, many of us Americans were going about our lives in the same standard routine. As headlines on the news flashed of an emerging illness beginning to plague a far away nation, we went about our business thinking this is “just another flu” and it won’t impact us. Unfortunately it has. This crisis may have already impacted your health or the health of your friends and family. It may have affected your pocketbook and flipped your daily routine upside down. This pandemic has already left an indelible mark on our lives.


Yes, Radon testing and mitigation services are essential because radon gas causes lung cancer. People confined to homes during this time could be exposed to greater amounts of radon gas.

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Amidst shutdowns, shelter-in-place and quarantines, many have asked us if radon services are considered essential businesses. The immediate response is yes, because preventing exposure to radon is essential to minimizing lung cancer risk! What is the official response? As this situation has evolved, we have been watching and reading the ordinances that are being placed in our markets as well as others. As with everything during this time, things change day-by-day. Currently and what we are expecting in perpetuity through all of this, is that radon testing and mitigation services in our markets are considered “essential businesses.” We have received confirmation from multiple state and county attorney offices. We believe that us radon professionals are more essential than ever before due to the fact that so many people are confined to their homes that may have indoor air quality problems including elevated radon levels. 

*The essential designation may change from state-to-state in several industries if more strict ordinances roll out.



Recently, as we tune in to the news or scroll our feeds we have been seeing many references and warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) These scientists, statisticians, doctors and professionals are the people who we are looking to for information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis is evolving and they only have a small segment of time plus incomplete data to make a full assessment of what is happening out there and what are the appropriate responses. Many people have said that we should have listened to the CDC and WHO much sooner so we could have minimized the damage that this outbreak has done while others see that there was little we could do to avert this terrible disease and its spread.  


surgeon-general-radonFor the past 30+ years scientists have been warning people of the dangers of radon gas. According to the CDC, radon causes more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year. Radon causes lung cancer because it’s radioactive and it’s in millions of homes. The same people we are looking to for guidance on the pandemic have been warning us all along about radon gas yet many people do not heed the warning. More people should consider listening to the scientists and experts early to prevent radon exposures that could lead to lung cancer. We have had far too many clients contact us because they have lung cancer, never smoked and their doctors tell them it is most likely radon. The sad part is that it is so easy to prevent it from entering the house when you have a radon mitigation system installed to permanently ventilate soil below the foundation.


Because many people are confined to their homes during quarantines, they may be breathing more radon laden air than the typically would when they are going about their typical routines away from home. As a radon mitigation service company, we have received many calls lately of people concerned about their exposures now that they are working from home. Even myself, as I type these words am working from my basement office where my radon monitor continuously reads radon levels below .5 pCi/L which is the equivalent of outdoor air. The radon levels are low because I have a radon mitigation system in my own home. I certainly feel more comfortable working under these conditions. If you decide to heed the warnings about the dangers of radon, the services of testing and mitigation can be performed during this time but it is our duty to follow steps to ensure that we protect our own families and fellow citizens from transmitting this or any dangerous infection.

☢️ Steps to safe and healthy radon services ☢️ 


What radon professionals can do to ensure safety for themselves and their clients:

  • Do not go to work or visit a client if you or any employees feel ill. 🤒
  • Verify that your client and anyone in the property are not ill or showing symptoms. 😰
  • Always wash hands and do not touch face including eyes, nose and mouth. 😱
  • Great your customers with a smile 😁 not a handshake. 
  • Do not be ashamed to wear a mask. 😷 (Radon mitigators should wear a mask under work conditions as a general practice.)
  • Try to arrange appointments with minimum people at the locations. 👥
  • Diligently sanitize your hands 👏 Tools 🛠️ Phones 📱 and everything you touch.
  • Social distance with your clients and employees. Work in one person crews. If working with a teammate, drive separate vehicles. 🙂⬅️➡️😊 Keep 6' rule between yourself and those around you.
  • Avoid stops between appointments, order radon products online, use gloves at gas pumps. 🚚 

What clients can do to protect themselves and their radon service provider:

  • Cancel your appointment if you or anyone you have contact with feels ill. 🤒
  • Expect your provider to not shake your hand. 👋
  • Ask your provider to describe the methods they take to keep sanitary. 💬 
  • Expect or request your radon tech to wear a mask or respirator. 😷
  • Clear a path of entry opening all doors in your basement or rooms above crawlspaces and crawlspace entrances. The radon pro needs to understand the footprint of the house. Help them minimize touching doorknobs. 🏠
  • Sign any contracts with your own pen. ✍️
  • Keep a 6' distance between you, your housemates and your technician. 🙂⬅️➡️😊
  • Do not touch the professional radon testing devices (you shouldn't anyways.) 👈 If you use DIY radon test kits, sanitize the packaging and wash your hands after. ☢️

Conclusion in regards to radon, this pandemic and service work hygiene.

In just a short period of time, this coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout has forever changed us. It is extremely sad when you consider the loss of lives and lifestyles. I don't know where this will take us or what this all means but I like to see the silver lining when I can. This time of confinement has brought me closer to my family. This time of uncertainty has caused me to not focus as much on planning the future and just to pay attention to the moment. I believe that in retrospect more people will heed the warnings from the scientists and doctors regarding disease, air quality, health, nutrition and the way we treat our planet. I hope that people learn from the same people who are our health leaders during this crisis, that lung cancer from radon gas is preventable through testing and mitigation. I believe that the steps we are taking to consider the hygiene and sanitation of the service, transportation, education and all other industries will help us reduce illness and prevent future pandemics. I wish all good health and safety.

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