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One-third of Utah homes test above the EPA radon action level!

The only way to know if your home is affected by radon is to test for it. DIY radon test kits are a great and innexpensive way to see if this radioactive, odorless and colorless gas is present in your Utah home. 

How do DIY radon test kits work?

  • Most short-term radon test kits are an activated charcoal sample that absorbs the home air.
  • They are usually placed for 3-7 days and are mailed off to certified labs for analysis.
  • Independent labs calculate an average radon concentration for the test period.
  • The lab prepairs a report and sends it via mail or email.
  • If you have radon levels above 4 pci/L it is recomended that you install a radon system.
  • If you test below 4 pci/L it is recomended that you perform a follow-up test every two years.


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Need a professional, radon test? Need results sooner than with DIY? We can perform a professional radon measurement with our continuous radon monitor. 

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