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When getting bids for radon mitigation systems in Utah, remember:

  • Not all companies have certified technicians available like RadoVent does.
  • RadoVent radon technicians are employees not sub contractors.
  • Every Radovent installer has passed background checks and is covered by workers compensation insurance.
  • Not all homes require the same type of radon mitigation systems to reduce radon gas we design systems that are specific to your individual needs.
  • RadoVent systems are custom designed for your specific home.
  • Custom radon mitigation systems do a better job of fixing radon problems in Utah.
  • Reputation and experience are important when dealing with radon reduction and warranty. We have been installing radon systems for over 11 years.
  • We have experience in thousands of radon systems in Utah with 100% success.
  • We often fix poorly installed systems from other "contractors."
  • RadoVent cares about quality and client experience.
  • We don't just want your business, we want to fix your radon problem.

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