We at RadoVent strongly suggest that the party who provides a pre mitigation or post mitigation radon measurement be an independent party from the professional who installs the radon mitigation system. Our primary focus at RadoVent LLC is to fix the radon problem and we want you to feel confident in our work by having radon test results that are verified by an independent third party.

At a recent Radon Awareness meeting in Herriman, Utah the official from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality stated: "The State's position is that it is a conflict of interest to perform both the radon test and the mitigation."

NOTE: It is standard practice for radon mitigation technicians to use there own testing equipment for diagnostic purposes to make sure their equipment is working. But again, we recommend that any test results provided by them be verified independently by hiring a professional or using a DIY radon test kit.


  • Would the person diagnosing the problem have a financial benefit in the results of the measurement?
  • Do they place the radon test in a location according to national measurement standards?
  • If you need the results quick, you may have to spend more money by having a professional perform the test with calibrated, electronic radon monitors.
  • If you can wait a week or two, you can get accurate radon measurements from do-it-yourself test kits that cost a fraction of what professional monitors cost.
  • If your mitigation provider does perform radon measurements, check to see if they are using electronic monitors like the RADALINK® that provide third party analysis.


Radon Testing Services

radalink unit

RadoVent LLC™

We have some clients who demand that we perform testing. We also need the ability to perform diagnostics on some of our work. Therefore we do provide limited radon measurement services using third party verified equipment and results.

As a Radalink™ affiliate, all radon tests provided by Radovent™ are independently verified for accuracy, tampering and quality. Although most radon mitigation contractors also offer radon measurement services, some states consider this a conflict of interest. RadoVent LLC™ is the only local Utah radon mitigation contractor who offers electronic radon test results that are verified by an independent third party. You can receive your radon test result from RadoVent™ with the confidence that the information is accurate and that the radon testing devise has not been tampered with.

Tamper Resistant Features for Your Protection

EPA strongly urges the use of tamper resistant techniques when conducting a radon test in the context of a real estate transaction. All Radalink™ monitors are equipped with a tilt sensor that will log any time the monitor is moved and a power sensor that will record if the power source changes from AC to battery and back to AC. Hourly readings of the radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure will record any unusual fluctuations resulting from Protocol violations. In other words, it is extremely difficult to compromise a Radalink™ test without being caught.

Quality Assurance

Every time a Radalink™ Monitor is powered on, a routine diagnostic test is performed, checking the high voltage and background settings and the electronic communication between the microprocessor and the ion chamber. The program then performs a Routine Instrument Check, counting the known activity of a built-in check source. Only when it has passed these tests, does the display change to the Test Mode.

Our Detector Technology

All Radalink™ Monitors utilize our pulsed ion chamber technology. Ambient air passively diffuses into the chamber in which the radon atoms (as well as the subsequent polonium decay products) disintegrate, emitting alpha particles.

The alphas (positively charged ions) create bursts of additional ion pairs by knocking electrons from surrounding air atoms. Negative ions will pulse to the positively charged probe; positive ions will pulse to the negatively charged cylinder wall. The pulses are counted by the electrometer and stored hourly. Detector efficiency is computed by exposures to known radon concentrations to determine the pulse counts per hour per pCi/l.

Unlike open-cage ion detectors that can record spurious counts and severely bias the measurement, Radalink™ ion chamber is specially shielded to eliminate interference from vibrations, electrical line noise, cellular phones and microwave energy.