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cost of Radon Mitigation in Utah

Not all homes in Utah are built the same way or have the same radon problem when getting quotes for the cost to install a radon system in Utah, learn as much as you can about these systems and the companies who install them.

When getting quotes for radon mitigation in Utah, be careful that you know what you are getting into. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution for fixing radon gas problems. The typical price of a properly installed radon mitigation system in Utah can range from $1300-$1500. System routing options, additional suction points and crawlspaces can add to that price. 

Important things that can effect the cost of radon systems in Utah:
  • The construction style of the home. 
    • Many Utah homes have finished basements that limit routing options.
    • Some homes have footings that will restrict the flow of the radon systems.
    • multiple levels, or multiple footprint types can change the system design.
  • Crawlspaces must be sealed.
  • Exterior routing vs. Internally hidden system
  • Radon system warranty, upgrades, hidden fees & company differences.
    • When getting bids compare the fine print. 
    • Make sure the company has a warranty on the performance of the system.
    • Some companies have additional charges and hidden fees.
      • If you need work after the fact, you may have to pay more.
      • Bigger is not always better with radon fans. There is the right fan for the particular soil conditions. Bigger fans are often more expensive and make more noise. Don't get tricked into buying a upgrade fan.


An example of how the cost of a radon system in Utah can change the outcome of radon results and a Real Estate transaction:

We recently fixed a radon mitigation system in Sandy, UT. The homeowner wanted to save as much money as possible because they were the seller of the property. They gathered several radon cost estimates and went with the least expensive. The company came out to the property, installed a pipe and a fan using low quality thin-wall PVC pipe and placed the fan right outside the back patio of the home. The "radon system" was in place and the seller thought all was good until the radon test showed that the levels were still high. The buyers of the house, having prior experience with a radon system, also noted that the crawlspace had not been sealed. The homeowner had to reduce the radon level before they would buy. The buyer also demanded that the crawlspace be sealed like a proper radon mitigation system should be installed. When the seller called the original radon company back to fix the problem, he was surprised to find out the the warranty they provided didn't cover anything to reduce the radon levels. When he asked them about the crawlspace, they told him, "you didn't tell us that you had a crawlspace." (Note: the crawlspace is 1500 square feet and takes up half of the house. How did they install a radon mitigation system and not know this?) They finally came back to his house and said that if he wanted them to seal the crawlspace, he would have to hire an excavator to come and dig it out. This would cost him thousands and thousands of dollars. Long story short, the buyers almost walked away from the deal because of the situation. The buyers agents had heard of us and they hired us to tear out the other radon system and install the RadoVent® Exterior Radon Mitigation system. The new system is painted, looks nicer on the side of the home and does the job right with a sealed crawlspace. Most importantly, the RadoVent® system comes with a full radon system performance warranty that states: If the radon levels do not reduce below the EPA action level, we will come back and fix it for free until it does. That seller ended up paying the other company for a pipe and fan and then had to pay the money for us to tear it out and do the job right. He could have saved himself a lot of money had he not gone with the lowest bid.